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Our New address: 409 New Indian Trail Court, Aurora, IL 60506

For more information and any of these events, please contact Jackie at 630-777-5045 or email

Social Group classes at Haley's Playground. Instructor is Dr. Jean Hess, owner of Educational Spectrum of Solutions. The purpose of the groups is to increase those skills our children with Autism struggle with when the are interacting in social settings. For more info. and registration contact Jackie at 630-777-5045. Cost is $125 for 6 weeks.

Ladies Support Group: November 13th at 6pm to 8pm, Potluck dinner until 6:30pm, per-registration for child care required. RSVP by Nov. 11th. In association with Autism Society.
To register, contact Stacie Green, 630-375-0429,, or Dondee Gujilde, 708-774-4420 Free Admission.

November 2014 Calendar of Events

8th Sat, Haley's Playground Classes.

8th Sat, Social Group by. Instructor is Dr. Jean Hess.

12th Wed. Teen Night.

13th Thr. Ladies Support Group

15th Sat, Haley's Playground Classes.

15th Sat, Social Group by. Instructor is Dr. Jean Hess.

19th Wed. Teen Night.

Events Info

Haley's Playground Ages 2 to 6, all levels of functioning 9am to 10am; ages 7 to 12, all levels of functioning 10:30am to 11:30am.
$3 donation is greatly appreciated.

In the Months Ahead

Check back for the next date to Feed My Starving Children. There we will volunteer and prepare meals as well as learn job skills to help others. This event is open to ages 5 and over. Please join us and meet at FMSC 555 Exchange Court in Aurora 60504 at 6pm. RSVP: 630-777-5045. All is welcome!

Haley's Playground Saturday Classes
December 6th, 1pm special hours for both age groups to meet and greet Santa.
December 20th, regular hours 9am and 10:30am.

Little Friends Autism Kinship Friday, December 5th, 2014.

Santa Meet and Greet, Saturday, December 6th, 1pm.

November 2014

Nov 1
234 5
- Teen Night
67 8
- Haley's Playground Classes
- Social Group
- Teen Night
- Ladies Support Group
- Haley's Playground Classes
- Social Group
- Teen Night

December 2014

- Little Friends Autism Kinship
- Haley's Playground Classes
- Santa Meet and Greet
- Haley's Playground Classes